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The second tweet had fewer engagements, but game more of those engagements were retweets (Ill show you in a vision second how to find that data.) More retweets meant the audience kept getting bigger, which meant more impressions.However, the organic reach is consistently declining.Try posting your LinkedIn material on Tuesdays and epub Thursdays specifically at filho around 7am to 9am local time and avoid posting Mondays through Fridays between 1pm and 5pm.The fogo worst times filho to post are weekdays from 3 pm-4.When examining each of the times below, keep in mind the timezone of the demographic you are attempting to attract.While reviewing your Top Tweets is a good way to gauge the best times to tweet, its also important chamas to factor in different time zones.However, its important game to understand that what you create matters the most.Now, the second tweet has version a WAY higher impression count but a way lower terra engagement rate.You see, Twitter went and changed some stuff this month.See a sudden spike in activity, like game the one on that chart above?There is actually a science to the process, and that science has been broken down by the team at internet marketing firm.As a result, its vital to take a data-driven approach to finding the best times and frequency to post.This is an optimal time to post your information because it has a higher likelihood of being seen.Does that mean that one of the tweets was necessarily better or more valuable than the other?Falcon helps you manage all social channels and teams on one collaborative platform, create quality content with an easy-to-use editorial content calendar and social media calendar, and so much more).Schedule your tweets according to the time zones your audience is located. Give it your best guess.
In this case, weekdays (Monday to Friday) are 15-20 better for meaningful engagement.
Evenings after 8 pm epub are also poor times to draw in your target audience.