bike racing games road rash

Road Rash II introduced several new features to the siege series, including bikes with nitrous oxide product injection and varied weapons.
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Become bad and experience the hardcore racing by playing Road Rash!Submitted by: rock eth, email: During play press "chain" and you will autodesk see the bike join run on top speed.The races took place in the.S.You get a chain.Armed center with Chain K'thunk!Good Luck, and happy racing!You will see you have.Remember that they will do the same to you, if you assault them.Cheats: - Submitted by: rock vipin Email: this cheat should be written between the game play Cheat Result vip - gives you best bike pand - higher speed nuero - gives you nitro product boost beep - cheat code must be return between the game play.The conclusion is that there will be no cars in the game during playing.But u can snatch weapon from other bikers and police if u start punching them and continue fighting.Cheat: - Submitted by: Preet Press 'n' developer to use nitro pressing 'n' your bike will speed up while nitro booster will get emptied.Gametip: Submitted by: karan Hire a cheat to play the games without the cars which come in between the game play do one thing rock go to the folder where u have saved the games in that go to daya folder and in that.Cheat: - Submitted by: by Rahul Pradeep Naik While driving type xyzyxspoon and then press shift button and 1 at once you will get nitro boost in your bike and when you press n your bike will go faster.The other main addition to gameplay is of bikes containing generator nitrous oxide injection, which allows the user's motorcycle to accelerate beyond its top speed for a short amount of time.It is based heavily on the engine and sprites of the first game.Plugh - Disable cheats. In the Data folder Find the folder named "cars" and rename februari it to anything else like "buses".When u start the game after doing this there will be no more building cars or trucks to strike u down in ur way!
Your biker will continuosly spinning tour chain or club or hand.

Stimulating Motorcycle racer, well polished and kickass!
Graphically and in terms of controls the game is better than average, maybe quite a bit better than average, but it sure could have aged better.
You see a folder named bike racing games road rash "cars" which you can rename to "buses" or any other name you like.