Fixed issue where a player manager might not be classed as home-grown filho when.
Fixed right side panel in tactics changing to player fogo instructions automatically when dragging a player selection and scrolling in the left side squad manager list panel.
Made players more likely to agree leave fogo of absence or promise to bring in a friend when they valx are struggling to settle at the club.
Fixed advice been displayed suggesting the team needs -1 point to achieve football their target.Fixed obscure issue whereby a player would accept an offer but then reject a slightly patch better offer.General - fogo Fixed issue where players were getting preferred squad numbers instead of starting squad numbers in the first season.League Rules, fixed issue regarding Spanish Suspension Issues.Fixed 'Where Are They Now' News not displaying on request for unemployed humans.Fixed news item wing stating player was due monthly installments from fogo a transfer deal.Fixed transfer clause news item link sending manager to wrong screen.Stopped players getting unhappy at been left out of the league fogo squad if they are unavailable.India - - Updated Durand Cup participants and fixture schedule.Stopped players who are out on loan becoming unhappy about being placed in the reserves.Rename disc name to FM2011 (so delete RU). Loan rules for a parent competition crack now work for sub-divisions.
Fixed issue where code installer may show up in press conference nero news items on the client.
What's new in Football Manager 2011 Patch.3.1: The reason for this patch is that it removes the online protection system as there is a strong possibility that this will fail in the near future meaning ESD users will no longer be able to access.

Slowed down number of transfer decision by managers in minor divisions - Got turkish football manager 2011 patch portugues teams to adhere to the foreigner rule.
European Championships 24 team schedule starting from 2016 extended a few days to cope with the extra games.