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Chris aabb Hughes 31st October 2018, class spec features that were planned for the Blade full Soul patch December update have been delayed in the interest of world balance and reacting to feedback.
With the Vengeance Breaks content patch newest due in on June 1st.Blade Soul and Master X Master Offer Cross-Promotional Goodies Chris Hughes 27th June 2017 Fans of Blade Soul and Master X Master can earn some in-game unlocks for both titles provided they complete at least five Titan Ruins matches.Top 5 Awesome Blade and Soul Outfits Chris Hughes 16th May 2016 guide This week we're looking at the most awesome Blade and Soul outfits you can currently buy.Is your favorite on our list?Wardens Fury is Unleashed in Blade Soul.The graphics is similar to the Asian style of productions, with breathtaking landscapes and amazing characters.DDoS Attacks Besiege NCSofts MMOs Chris Hughes 14th July 2017 If you've had problems staying connected to Blade Soul, Master X Master or WildStar, you can thank ongoing NCSoft DDoS attacks.A guide recent social network post from NCsoft points to yes.Blade Soul Gets Ready For Launch Nick Shively 5th January 2016 It's only a few more weeks until Blade Soul is officially online, and NCSoft wants to make sure game all its players are ready.We see edition how mobile revenue is breaking records, yet more lootbox news, and more!Blade Soul Update full Timeline Revealed Amanda Ten Brink 3rd June 2016 In the latest Producer's Letter, Blade Soul producer Nico Coutant has provided a Blade Soul update timeline which explains the schedule and nature of updates for the rest of 2016.WildStar Revenue Falls to Almost Nothing Nick Shively 21st January 2016 1 Comment Despite converting to free-to-play, WildStar is still showing rock-bottom returns that are expected alien to continue to decline in 2016.Blade Soul Features Blade Dancer Class Nick Shively 15th December 2015 The tanks Blade Soul class of the week is the Blade Dancer, which combines aspects of the Blade Master and Force Master.A Blade and Soul Lore Primer Chris Hughes 6th June 2016 The full Blade and Soul lore is rich in history and warfare, so this week, we're taking a step back from the action to take in the story of the Earthen Realm.Blade Soul did not have an easy start to the West - being released in 2016, it has been heavily overshadowed by another Korean game - Black Desert Online.Blade Soul Reveals 9th Playable Class MMO Games 16th November 2015 Chinese Blade Soul publisher Tencent Games revealed the 9th playable class for the game, and it's a hybrid of two classes you probably already know!Blade Soul Outfits Are For More Than Looking Good Nick Shively 14th October 2015 Outfits in Blade Soul will play an important role in faction allegiance and unlocking Soul Shield powers.Shannon Doyle 17th May 2018, it's quarterly patch report season so it's a busy MMO Money this week. NCSoft Shows Positive Q2 2016 Earnings Nick Shively 12th August 2016 1 Comment The Q2 2016 financial report for NCSoft is out and the company is doing very well with solid numbers across the board.

Blade Soul Major Content Patch Arriving February 10 MMO Games 26th January 2016 1 Comment Blade Soul is releasing its first end-game content patch in just two weeks, and it introduces plenty of max-level PvE content and the PvP preseason.
With it come uncensored characters, three story acts, English voice over, and translated story elements.
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