Track 1 Options for Faculty vector Websites.
That's an interesting theory, and crystal it clearly makes sense from a logical point of view, but in practice I've found that it isn't quite so simple.
In this workshop, youll learn about best practices for backing up your data, how often you should be doing it and software available to help you.Helping Students Critically Engage with Images A recent statistic stated that the game average person living in a metropolitan area sees over 10,000 images a day.Thursday, May :15 AM track 1 PowerPoint update group Quick Bytes Slide Masters The slide master defines the update text formatting and positioning for common elements - converter such as titles, bulleted lists, and footers - on the corresponding slide layouts.Track 2 Interact in Moodle Quick Bytes Moodle Scheduler Scheduler is a Moodle Activity that allows teachers to post available meeting times for participants to select and sign.After a brief overview of moral theories and their application to ethical games issues, as well as ethical codes of conduct for the information professions, the class will focus on particular issues that are most salient to information professionals, such as information/data as intellectual property, software.The text is available at UNC Student Stores.In this workshop well provide you with what you need to know to make projects successful.Track 3 Transitioning from mdid to ArtStor The college digital burn image collection is migrating to artstor. .ALL tracks Welcome and Opening Session.From touch screens to keyboards, app stores to service providers, we take a look at some of the most popular brands and features, and help you decide which smart phone is smartest for you. Come and learn how to access and view multiple email accounts in a single Thunderbird window.Learn how other colleges and universities media have successfully integrated iPads into the curriculum graphics and explore ways of using the iPad in and out of the classroom to support your academic goals.Selection graphics of FY2019 student Result of final screening is published. Thursday, May 19 - 10:30-11:45 AM track 1 Photoshop Elements Elements, a scaled down version of Photoshop, is aimed at digital espt photographers espt and non-professional Web designers.
Tuesday, May 17 - 12:45-2:00.