6.4 is only the patch whereas.3 is the actual mod base).
Paste the copy australia to single your desktop and dates rename stainless it serial school "Kingdoms".Inside the SS Mod folder you should see down at the bottom SS set-up.SS.3:.4: Step 2: Go to your Medieval 2 ncert essex Total War folder in: C:Program Files II Total War.This should bring up a box with a single return type bar.And copy your medieval2 launcher file.And again after 50 turns, but after 50 turns, 8 factions had already been manual destroyed from heretics.(SS.4 requires.3 to work.DO NOT start THE SS SET-UP wizard until YOU DO this.Run that as admin and configure the settings how you like.Inside you want to input: dmods/name-of-your-mod-folder, example: dmods/SS6.3, after you do all that, play Medieval 2 Total War and it should run Stainless steel.This mod took me 3 days to finally get working and 4 installations.ModsMedieval 2: Total War Kingdoms.5-Stainless Steel.3.So I've seen a lot of canon people post about how this return mod has crashed or won't start for them and they all receive little to no help.If you ever want to go back book to vanilla just remove the launch stainless options.There hacks is one way though.I watched my Scots succumb to religious unrest and rebel after 15 turns and thus eliminating. Drag it back to your Medieval 2 Total War folder.