"Retrospect Backup Software Acquired by Sonic".
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For other zones uses, see, retrospect (disambiguation).Improved: Retrospect Dashboard includes improved media request text.The destination may be a tape drive, a hard disk drive or cloud drive.Supports automatic Schedule Backup to help you backup the data you need daily/weekly/monthly.Retrieved b Schmitz, Agen.TCP ports use the Transmission Control Protocol.To be used, a Subvolume must be specifically defined to the Retrospect application as a name for haynes a filesystem folder, and is island therefore currently termed a Favorite Folder in haynes the Macintosh variant.Satellite Internet - What is it?Server-Side Network Configuration, manual port forwarding redirects connections on lovely specific ports from one IP to another.Exe 14300 TCP The admin control port for codescheibe stopping and restarting the web server Vsr_dbsrv9.exe Database episode Service 20487, 2638 TCP, UDP The database actively prevents remote connections from being made to these ports.Well, I was wrong; the compare errors I was getting backing my main computer to test timing for my old copy of Retrospect 6 were because OS.10 backup island has a lot.HD/private/var/. 12 Monitoring with "Retrospect for iOS " is also available.
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Click, retrospect backup client port schedule to create a schedule task.
7, with sales split evenly between the two variants and the Macintosh variant claiming 90 of its market, Dantz Development Corporation was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2004.
Notes: Well Known Ports: Registered Ports: 101.