Everyone Can See It : Venus can see the windows evident attraction full between Jupiter and patch Neptune and windows is surprised in corel some dialogue options that one of english them went with Venus instead of with the other.
"When someone rigs office it from the start, then says "try draw your best!" doesn't that make you mad?All we need is for one of us is to be edition a little bit worse than the others.Venus: It's reality on purpose.Her personality is more fluid that the other two, and can change in a span of a few words.We are our own company now.Multiple Endings : It's a visual novel, so par for the course.Explicitly brought up and defied in the true ending, windows where they both promise to not idolize her, and accept her as gratis a person.In the true ending, the Devil speaks instead.Due to the short nature of the work, and the significance of plot revelations, all spoilers have been left unmarked.Vague Age : The kids are teenagers, but their exact ages are never patch specified.Embraced by the cast as a whole in the Golden Ending, who product extend it to the rest of the camp and possibly patch the rest of the world.Demonic Possession : The fate of the awkward third-wheeler, who gets possessed by the devil.Minimalist Cast : There's really only three characters, seven if you count the appearances of the Bonfire Captain and Group South (though possibly closer to five in Group South's case, since the three are completely homogeneous in thought and action and nine if you count.But they're all still stuck in lives they hate, and based on comments in the True Ending, Venus could even be fallout suicidal due to gender dysphoria. At 2 AM when the kids tune in to God's station, he recites fictional Bible passages reflecting corel the symbolism and using the name of the girl who will be possessed.
Stellar Name : The three kids are named after planets.