Okabe's chuunibyou habit is grating at the beginning, but he slowly grows to episode you, and steins he as some of the best character development I've seen in anything, ever.
Kurisu, with the help of Amane Suzuha help change the past and get Okabe back.Writing - 10/10, visuals is one of those things that really get the new studios as many of them do not have a specific art style to adhere.They ask Oopa to help them find a new lab.About the voices, they are pretty great.With episode a great concept, and great execution, this is a no-brainer.All BGM composed arranged by Takeshi Abo.The Navigation and Fashion shorts have some great character interaction with Okabe and Kurisu.What else is there to ask?I think with the charm of the characters, and the best usage of time travel just gate steal the show with.Rockmandash Rambles: An Explanation on my Review System (Updated 11/15/2015) If youve read any of my reviews and wanted to know why I did them the way I do, heres an Read more Read This is available for legal streaming on Youtube, or you could.lyrics: Kanako Ito, music: akirastar.Out of all the amazing characters in this game, the protagonist Okabe Rintarou steins aka.Mayuri, his childhood best friend, is so innocent and oblivious to the world around her you wonder what's really going on in her head, while Kurisu the genius girl is abrasive, but Okabe's intellectual equal.How we score: The Destructoid reviews guide.Oopa's suggestion for a new lab space surprises everyone."Meeting" - The lab members are told that due to the noise, they are being evicted.About that eternal Sub vs Dub debate, the Sub is better in for Steins;Gate in my opinion."Cooking" - Kurisu and Mayuri want episode to make fried chicken, and Okabe and Daru are hesitant to let the girls cook. As they walk and take trains, they think about the other and how silly the argument must have been.
Steins;Gate is a taxing game, but it's also quite beautiful, from the talented Japanese voice cast (no English dub, unfortunately) to artist huke's unorthodox visuals.

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If you can get past steins gate episode 4 the fact that these are advertisements, and you are a fan of S;G, there are some very enjoyable moments and interactions in the approximately 12 minutes of animation.
It's still a pretty good movie.