When complete, reboot your PC with the CD live in the drive and live testdisk your live Linux should start.
Size of ISO-image is 200 MBytes (3" CD).
Anything else indicates a problem detecting the drive and will result in a recovery failure.It has MiniXP(Windows LiveCD Parted Magic(Linux) and Dos programs grml, debian based live CD for sysadmins.2.3 testdisk GB of text tools and documentation compressed onto one.Getting TestDisk, while it is a Linux utility, you testdisk dont actually have to have Linux installed to use.Ebooks, more ebooks ».From CGSecurity, jump to: navigation, search, testDisk on Live rescue CDs, testDisk (not always the latest version) is included on the following free rescue CDs: testdisk ALT Linux Rescue is a weekly-updated hybrid (CD/Flash, bios/uefi) image.Once the program has detected your drives, youll be given the option to select which of them needs the recovery.Clonezilla and, testdisk super Grub Disk.Sometimes whats available isnt all that great.This will search your drive cylinder-by-cylinder in an attempt to find the lost data.Normal Scan, when you launch live TestDisk, youll be asked a question about how to handle log files.Make sure you select the.Well cover the other options in a moment.Itll take a while. If testdisk not, you may be in for a deeper scan.